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Energy Efficient Windows in Richmond, VA

Enhance your home with Renewal by Andersen Acclaim™ energy efficient windows in Richmond, Virginia. Our energy-efficient windows are designed to significantly reduce your energy costs by improving insulation and minimizing heat transfer.

Richmond homeowners benefit from windows that keep interiors comfortable year-round, reducing the strain on heating and cooling systems. Even in the varied weather conditions of Virginia, including hot summers and occasional winter cold snaps, Renewal by Andersen windows are built to withstand the elements and provide lasting performance.

Update or Replace Existing Windows

Assessing the condition of your current windows is crucial when considering upgrades or replacements for improved energy efficiency. If your windows have been installed within the last twenty years, simple updates like weatherstripping or caulking can enhance their energy efficiency. However, older windows, drafty frames, or those showing signs of deterioration will likely benefit more from a complete replacement with energy efficient windows.

Window Frames

The choice of window frame material significantly impacts insulation effectiveness. Composite materials, like Renewal by Andersen’s Fibrex® material, are highly recommended for their superior thermal properties and resistance to moisture. Fibrex® material combines the strength and stability of wood with the low-maintenance features of vinyl, ensuring durability and energy efficiency.

Tested rigorously in harsh climates, including Minnesota winters, Renewal by Andersen windows have been proven to maintain their performance and appearance for over two decades without cracking, peeling, or chipping.

Energy-Efficient Glass

The type of glass used in your windows plays a crucial role in their energy efficiency. Upgrading from single-pane to double- or triple-pane windows significantly enhances insulation by adding multiple layers through which sunlight must penetrate. Renewal by Andersen further enhances these windows by filling the space between the panes with argon gas, which improves insulation properties.

Choosing the right glazing is equally important. In Richmond, our High-Performance Low-E4® glass is particularly effective for local climate conditions. This advanced glass technology improves energy efficiency by up to 56% during summer compared to standard dual-pane glass.[1] By minimizing solar heat gain, Renewal by Andersen windows with High-Performance Low-E4® glass help Richmond homeowners save on energy bills year-round.

Operating Types

Whether you prefer windows that open for ventilation or fixed windows for expansive views, Renewal by Andersen offers energy-efficient solutions for your home in Richmond. Richmond’s architectural style, from historic homes to modern constructions.

Ideal for Richmond’s climate, awning windows and casement windows provide excellent ventilation control and seal tightly to resist weather elements. Common in condos and Colonial homes, double hung windows allow for versatile ventilation options while maintaining energy efficiency.

For those interested in fixed windows, Renewal by Andersen offers picture windows and specialty windows designed to maximize views while incorporating energy-efficient glass to prevent drafts and leaks.


Enjoy a full-service window replacement experience with Renewal by Andersen. From your initial window design consultation to post-installation customer care, our full-service process ensures a hassle-free experience for Richmond homeowners. Our Certified Master Installers are trained to replace your windows efficiently, minimizing disruption to your daily routine. Throughout the installation process, we meticulously ensure that each window fits perfectly and functions flawlessly before completing the job. Professional installation not only enhances energy efficiency but also eliminates drafts and leaks, providing you with lasting peace of mind.

Confidence of ENERGY STAR® Rated Windows

ENERGY STAR® is a program by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This program empowers homeowners to reduce energy consumption and costs through sustainable solutions like windows in Richmond. An ENERGY STAR® certified window meets or exceeds rigorous energy performance standards designed for Virginia’s climate.

By choosing ENERGY STAR® rated windows from Renewal by Andersen, Richmond homeowners can confidently enhance energy efficiency while contributing to environmental sustainability. Replacing outdated windows with ENERGY STAR certified ones can reduce household energy bills by an average of 12% nationwide.

Renewal by Andersen Sustainability

At Renewal by Andersen, sustainability is at the core of our practices, aiming to minimize our environmental impact. Our Acclaim™ windows are crafted using 100% renewable energy. They are made with Fibrex® material, a composite of recycled wood and vinyl that surpasses standard vinyl windows in durability and performance. Throughout our operations, including installation, we prioritize reducing our carbon footprint and recycling eligible materials.

Cost Savings

Investing in energy-efficient windows provides substantial long-term savings. By reducing utility bills and lessening the strain on your heating and cooling systems, energy-efficient windows offer significant financial benefits for Richmond homeowners. These windows maintain indoor temperatures effectively, reducing the need for constant heating during winter months. Additionally, Renewal by Andersen windows are a premium investment with flexible financing options available.

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